HTC Titan

This mobile phone will feature the newest flagship mobile phone which has been made by HTC. HTC are well known for maing some of the best mobile phones on the market. Most of the mobile phones they have made are built on the Android OS. However, the latest mobile phone will be built on the Windows OS. This mobile will be called the HTC Titan.

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HTC Titan Deals

Along with the biggest screen of all Windows Phone, this HTC Titan allows you to work big along with playing big. Carrying a 4.7” screen as well as an ultra-slim 9.9 mm unibody tear drop design and style, the actual HTC Titan is in contrast to anything you’ve ever had. It’s the right phone for multitasking, improving your work performance, modifying Office files using the big virtual keyboard and making your entertainment and photos truly stand out.

HTC Titan Overview

No more squinting at smaller screens. Having a big 4.7” display screen plus an ultra-slim 9.9mm unibody contoured design, any HTC Titan will be able to offer the user all that they want and it will make accessing the internet a real pleasure.

Benefit from entertainment that ultimately comes to life about the giant screen anytime, where ever. Along with HTC Watch get ready to enjoy Hollywood blockbusters when you need it. Your HTC Titan will give you instantaneous access to a lot of tracks at your fingertips along with Zune. And you will always be in the game together with Xbox LIVE integrated right on this smartphone.

It takes a lot to seize your unique moments. Instead of dragging your point and shoot camera all-around, a HTC Titan has an eight mp photographic camera using F2.2 camera lens plus BSI sensor which gives a high-resolution picture under virtually any condition. Using such pixel-packed photographs, you actually can feel comfy leaving your own point and shoot at your house.

This HTC Titan can also be the perfect portable office which allows efficient multitasking like watching the presentation while you’re over a conference call or listening to audio while producing the e-mail. Featuring a large screen together with integrated Microsoft Office Mobile, this particular super smart phone enables you to make, change and work with others simply and efficiently.

Alternatively, you might be interested in the new HTC Sensation XL Deals which have become available. This Sensation is very similar to the HTC Titan, but it on the Andorid OS, rather than the Windows OS. So, which one you pick all depends on which platform you prefer for your mobile phone.

Sophisticated email elements like Linked in-boxes allows you to control many different email accounts, synchronizing your to-do list and calendars in one location, group friends to be able to make communication less complicated plus a lot quicker. Hear audio while focusing on a file, or check out essential emails during a game without restarting the game. If you need to find out some more information, take a look here for details from the official product page. There is also now a Wiki page which has been set, however this is pretty limited in terms of real information for the consumer.

HTC Titan Specifications

More new coming soon on the full range of HTC Titan Specifications